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Pasticcio Quartz
Here's a peek inside pasticcio quartz

n. pas.tic.cio: a work or style produced by borrowing fragments, ingredients or or motifs from various sources; a potpourri

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PASTICCIO is more than a zine...
Pasticcio is a pioneer in the next wave of dynamic arts publication arena
it's so filled with quality art that we call it a QuARTZ - a Quality ART Zine

in every issue pasticcio includes a full gallery showcasing new art from over a dozen established and emerging artists, interviews, book and product reviews, a nod to a couple of our artistic 'ancestors,' quotes and quips, lists, advice and tech tipS. we offer a panoply of food, history, movies, people, photographs, music, thought, and words served up as a delectable printed pastiche.

Printed on high quality glossy paper, its essence and design are as striking as its contents.
It's 8.5 x 8.5 full color pages are brimming with eye candy

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Pasticcio Quartz 8 Pasticcio Quartz
techniques & products
Pasticcio Quartz
Books, Movie reviews & recipies
Pasticcio Quartz

in depth interviews with acclaimed artists

Pasticcio Quartz

our palais d'art section highlights original artwork by newcomers and established artists

Pasticcio PalaisDArt

Art events and exhibits
Pasticcio Quartz Pasticcio Quartz

artists of the past and art of the future...

Pasticcio Quartz Pasticcio Quartz
in every issue is our window shopping section filled with the latest web spots to visit
and there are always quotes, words and ideas galore
Pasticcio Quartz Pasticcio Quartz

at the back of pasticcio we offer a small selection of Full size, half page and quarter page ads
from companies that provide only premium items

issue 14

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